• Michele Munnelly

Journeys of friendship, growth and collaboration!

A collaboration between friends, Michele Munnelly the textile and surface designer (that's me) and Joanne O'Grady of Gaia Baby, the innovator of the new and exciting sustainable nursery range. In June of 2017 Joanne asked if I would design some patterns for her new nursery range "Gaia Baby".

Over a number of months I came up with a number of designs and concepts. Here are some images of the 2 designs "Owls & Vines" & "Gaia Embrace" that Joanne chose for Gaia Baby. These patterns will be used for baby wear, soft furnishings, faux wallpaper, printed artwork and wooden garlands.

L to R image 1: Wallpaper panel / image 2: Printed & Framed artwork / image 3: Media Launch December 2018 / image 4: Still taken from interview for #gaiainspires January 2020

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