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Hats off to Margaret Molloy for supporting Irish Designers

http://www.irishcentral.com/business/influencers/why-one-woman-wore-only-irish-designed-clothes-for-a-whole-month (Author Sheila Langan)

Why are we so dependent on the very good nature of individuals to promote Irish Designers. Craft and Design needs to be promoted and taken seriously by the retailers (who price young designers out of the market with their extortionate mark-ups) Irish Tourist Board, The Arts Council and other large governing bodies.

"...While some of Ireland's ancient design and textile traditions endure and evolve, there is so much more to contemporary Irish fashion than most people realize. Nobody knows this better than Margaret Molloy, the chief marketing officer for the global branding firm Siegel+Gale, and a native of County Offaly living in New York.

For the past two years, Molloy has been leveraging her love for Irish fashion with her position as one of the most influential global marketing leaders to spread awareness and enthusiasm for Irish creativity and design. Each March, Molloy embarks on a #WearingIrish campaign, in which she wears clothing and accessories from Irish designers every day and shares her looks with her massive social media following."

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Necklace: Christina Belle, dress: Karyn Moriarty Designs

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