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 I am a recent graduate of the National College of Art & Design (N.C.A.D.) with a Joint Honours Degree in  Design and Visual Culture, specialising in Textile Art & Artefact.

As a textile artist my creative practice revolves around time, memories and documenting. My work explores the subject of memory and what motivates people to document them.

I like using text on textiles and the potential that words have to offer. Firstly, as a visual form and secondly, as a conveyor of meaning. From a visual perspective I believe the aesthetics of a piece of artwork shifts when text is introduced, transforming the work into a powerful and expressive medium of communication . 

My work attempts to create a narrative with the help of hand and machine stitch and digitally printed images. I use hand-stitching for the slow and contemplative qualities and I use machine stitch for its consistency and sense of strength, and speed.

Reading books and watching films are two of my favourite hobbies. I am intrigued by the art of storytelling, the ability and skill that is required of a writer to connect with its reader, transporting them to another world, engaging with their emotions, it is a real gift.  I also love to thread narratives into my work.

I am also interested in imprinting photographic images onto fabric. I am creating clothes and scarves for the younger age group using selfie images and for the older market, mainly parents and grandparents, I am creating a range of personalised scarves which uses multiple  photographs of families, children, grandchildren applied to silk or other materials to make scarves.

Memories, the art of documenting and diary keeping is a vast and exciting topic and I believe it will remain central to my creative practice for the foreseeable future. 

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